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Brainstorming Workshop “Towards 2030 InterNet Business Innovation”

MEGARONAs you may know, we are having a Brainstorming Workshop  titled “Towards 2030 InterNet Business Innovation” on the 20th and 21st of March 2014 in Athens.

Below you may find an invitation + the Workshop’s Agenda.

In case you are interested, feel free to REGISTER and let’s meet in Athens

It is our great pleasure to invite you to the Brainstorming Workshop “Towards 2030 InterNet Business Innovation, to be held on March 20th (14:00 local time, when FIA Athens finishes, at the same venue) until March 21st (15:00 local time, at the NTUA premises) in Athens, Greece, organized by the FutureEnterprise CSA project and supported by the FInES Cluster.
The workshop offers a first-class opportunity to see, interact with and influence research initiatives which leverage Future Internet to boost entrepreneurship, nurture business creativity and inspire new forms of enterprises. It aims at initiating the debate among experts through brainstorming activities, towards shared visions for our community that represents the voice of the enterprises’, entrepreneurship and intra-preneurship ecosystem in Europe and internationally.
The workshop will accommodate a number of presentations, workshops, questions and answers sessions from different stakeholders within the fields of Future Internet Enterprise Systems, Sensing Enterprise, Web Entrepreneurship, and Business Innovation. The focus of the workshop will be on:
  • Generating reflections on the Enterprises of the Future at all stages of their evolution (from inception to consolidation and growth): Which are the trends and visionary scenarios towards new forms of enterprises that allow stakeholders to fully develop their business vision and produce significant shared value in the Digital Economy?
  • Empowering entrepreneurship through research: How the European research can be directed to better serve the interests of the enterprise and the entrepreneur?
  • Introducing the latest research initiatives in the domain: How synergies can be created with and among the FP7 Sensing Enterprise projects?
As an invited expert, you will have the opportunity to join the Collaborative Workshops and interact with the latest advancements and initiatives within our community.
We would appreciate it if you registered online by March 18th, 2014 here (registration is free).
With regard to the broader community activities, I would also like to provide you an update of the latest developments for which we are also looking forward to your feedback:
  • Community orientations and branding: During the past weeks, we have initiated an online discussion with the purpose of gathering insights and opinions that will shape the new orientations of our community. You may influence the online discussion in LinkedIn by February 21st, 2014 and vote for the new name in the LinkedIn poll!
  • Research roadmapping activities: The open topic currently concerns the identification of trends and shall remain open until February 28th, 2014: “Which are the Policy / Economic / Technological / Societal / Business Innovation / Entrepreneurship trends that will drive the acceleration of new forms of enterprises? Please describe a trend by giving a short description and reference points that can be used as evidence for its existence.” You are invited to contribute to the crowdsourcing exercise (at:http://futureenterprise.ideascale.com/) in order to gather ideas, votes or comments on existing ideas.
Looking forward to welcoming you in Athens!

LinDA – EU Research embraces SMEs for adding value to everyday operations through the introduction of Linked Open Data

I am just copying here the Press Release of our Linda project.

Wanna find out more? Visit http://www.linda-project.eu and follow @Linda_FP7 (and also like! us on LinDA Facebook’s page)


LinDA Logo

LinDA Logo

LinDA (Enabling Linked Data and Analytics for SMEs by renovating public sector information – Grant Agreement No: FP7-610565) is an EC co-funded project under the 7th Framework Programme comprised of leading Linked Open Data technology researchers and SMEs and Industries that have seen a clear benefit in adopting the Linked Data paradigm to increase their competitiveness and become world leaders in their service offering activities.

Following up on the recent developments in the fields of Linked and Open Data, LinDA will provide an infrastructure of technologies and methods for porting the advantages of the above-mentioned technological fields to the actual production line of enterprises, with a focus on EU SMEs. In doing so, LinDA will address one of the most significant challenges of the usage and publication of Linked Data, the renovation and conversion of existing data formats into structures that support the semantic enrichment and interlinking of data, thus minimizing the required effort and cost as well as potential semantic conflicts and ambiguities. The LinDA ecosystem of publication and consumption Apps will significantly motivate SMEs to follow the Linked Data paradigm for the publication of open data therefore realizing the full potential of linking, analysing and mashing-up data as well as stimulating new, innovative business models.

LinDA is a 2-year collaborative research and development project that started in December 2013 and is coordinated by the DSSLab research group at National Technical University of Athens (Greece). Consortium partners include: Fraunhofer FOKUS (Germany), UBITECH (Greece), University Of Bonn (Germany), Piksel (Italy), Critical Publics (United Kingdom), Hyperborea (Italy) and TTNews24 (Italy).

The results of the LinDA project are foreseen to have a significant impact on the efficiency of the information management of enterprises, especially SMEs that in most cases cannot afford the development and maintenance of dedicated information analysis and management departments. As such, the cost-efficient development of innovative services and data analytical services that are linked to the available public data will provide SMEs a strong competitive advantage in the market, and will in this way contribute to the competence of the European industry.

So stay focused 🙂

Help us identify Trends that will affect the future of Enterprises

FutureEnterprise LogoIt has been more than 3 months that our FutureEnterprise FP7 CSA project kicked off, that aims at opening new avenues for Internet-based Enterprise innovation by supporting and coordinating the research activities in Future Internet from the perspective and for the benefit of enterprises on the basis of an open mentality to bridge the past (FP7) with the future (Horizon 2020).

Nowadays we are working towards delivering a crowdsourcing-driven, iterative and live versions of a research roadmap on new forms of Internet-based Enterprises.

You can contribute now by submitting ideas, voting on existing ones, or commenting, in order to help us to incorporate the community visions into the research roadmap.

 At the moment we are seeking Trends (at the Policy / Economic / Technological / Societal / Business Innovation / Entrepreneurship domains)  that will drive the acceleration of new forms of enterprises.

If you wish to contribute, and join the dialogue, please visit: http://futureenterprise.ideascale.com

CfP IESA 2014 Workshop on “ICT services and interoperability for Manufacturing”



March 24th-28th,2014 – ALBI (FRANCE)

I-ESA brings together the world’s leading researchers and practitioners in the area of Enterprise Interoperability for the development of new Enterprise solutions based on the Internet of the Future. Initiated in 2005 by two major European research projects of the FP6 of the European Commission, the ATHENA IP (Advanced Technologies for Interoperability of Heterogeneous Enterprise Networks and their Applications, Integrated Project) and the INTEROP NoE (Interoperability Research for Networked Enterprise Applications and Software, Network of Excellence), the I-ESA conferences have been recognized as a tool to lead and generate an extensive research and industrial impact in the field of interoperability for enterprise software and applications. I-ESA’2014 will be held in Albi, France by 24th-25st March, 2014 (Pre-conference) and 26nd-28rd March, 2014 (Conference): www.i-esa.org

You are cordially invited to participate to the Workshop entitled “ICT services and interoperability for Manufacturing” in the International Conference on Interoperability for Enterprise Systems and Applications. (I-ESA) 2014. I-ESA is established as the major event addressing Enterprise Interoperability and the official conference of Virtual Laboratory for Enterprise Interoperability (INTEROP-VLab) with the sponsorship of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) and the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC).

 The Workshop will take place in Albi (France) on 24th and 25th March 2014.

Accepted and presented papers will be published by ISTE Publications UK, www.iste.co.uk

Workshop Scope:

The workshop is jointly organised by, and will include presentations from the FLEXINET, ADVENTURE, FITMAN, IMAGINE and MSEE projects. It aims to achieve the following goals:

  • To review current developments in delivery of ICT support to manufacturing enterprises and production networks.
  • To be a forum for discussion between researchers active in the related domains of enterprise interoperability, future internet enterprise systems and factories of the future.
  • To present the on-going projects/initiatives of the FoF and FInES domain, actively contributing towards the realisation of the FoF visions
  • To discuss the current development in the FoF domain, bringing together interoperability scientists, manufacturing industries and IT solution providers
  • To reveal ideas and innovations for fully automated end-to-end manufacturing
  • To elaborate on the EFFRA roadmap and on future visions for the Factories of the Future Domain
  • To discuss on the directions and future trends as indicated in the Horizon 2020 strategic documents

by addressing topics selected from the following:

  • Intelligent Systems Configuration Services for Flexible Dynamic Global Production Networks.
  • Future Internet for manufacturing.
  • Distributed, adaptive and interoperable virtual factories environments.
  • Contemporary business networks going beyond cost, complexity and administrative burdens.
  • Component based tools and architectures enabling the innovative dynamic composition of services.
  • New Business Models, Service Alliances and Virtual Economies.
  • Collaboration platforms for Innovative and Responsive Manufacturing.
  • Real-time management of volatile manufacturing tangible and intangible assets, production System Reformation and Monitoring.
  • Dynamic formation of new industrial clusters as partners in the value chain.
  • Service provision and maintenance contracts among different size companies.
  • Seamless collaboration between SMEs and larger companies.
  • New technologies in the manufacturing domain (Big Data, Virtual Manufacturing & 3D printing, etc.).
  • Bridging FoF and Future ICT & Internet Technologies.
  • Service-product platforms 
empowering traditionalsectors & SMEs.
  • Other relevant Factories of the Future in Future Internet Enterprise Systems related topics.

Workshop Format

  • Speakers: circa 8.
  • Presentations: from the above topics.
  • Duration (provisional, depending on total time allocated in programme): for each presentation (20 min. + 5 min. for questions (full discussion to be conducted in interactive joint discussion session)).
  • Coffee 10 minutes.
  • Interactive Joint Discussion to address the above topics supported by questionnaires. Duration (provisional): 30 minutes.
  • Workshop total duration: half-day – 4 hours followed by the break for coffee/networking.

Paper Submission

Papers must be in English, describe original work and must follow the HERMES eng-guidelines for authors. Paper length should be 6 pages for a full paper and 4 pages for a short paper. Papers will be peer-reviewed.

Authors should submit their contributions by email to the Workshop Organisers.

Workshop Organisers

Keith Popplewell, Coventry University, UK, email: k.popplewell – at – coventry.ac.uk

Gash Bhullar, Control 2K Ltd., UK, email: admin – at – control2k.co.uk

Sotirios Koussouris, National Technical University of Athens, Greece, email: skous – at – epu.ntua.gr

Key Dates 

Workshop deadline for papers: December 20th, 2013

Workshops Programme: January 31th, 2014

Workshops Venue: 24th – 25st March, 2014

Further Information about this Workshop

Please, consider that at least one author per paper must register for the Workshops If none of the authors is registered, the paper will not be included in the workshop programme and in the proceedings.

Enquiries to: Keith Popplewell (k.popplewell – at – coventry.ac.uk)

 Website: http://www.i-esa.org

You may download the IESA 2014 CfP Workshop.